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for some reason people often come to me with their relationship issues.  i still haven’t quite figured out why this is.  i’ve had two good friends come to me repeatedly with problems in their relationships and later tell me i should be a relationship therapist.  i feel bad writing this because i don’t want to […]



 i am sitting at my computer with a mug of swiss miss hot cocoa mixed with a little bit of peppermint schnapps (which is quite tastey, i will add), mystery science theater 3000 “the teenage strangler” going on behind me…i’m quite content. i didn’t get much done today…not enough to actually justify saying i got […]



so i just got back from PA a few days ago and i had an ABSOLUTE BLAST. it was so much fun. recap: thursday morning at around 11 am i got there and we drove back to adrienne’s house. the day was pretty chill, we ate lunch with her daughter (14 months), did a little bit […]

i got myself into more army wife drama somehow. basically i said something to this army girlfriend and it got misconstrued into something it wasn’t, then another wife told her husband what i said and he got upset and told another boyfriend of a friend of mine, who then went to rob about it. i’m […]



so a close friend of mine, who i’ve never actually met in person (we’ve been friends for years through a military support site), has performed another act of insane stupidity. a little background info. she was planning to go to college several years ago but got scared and married a marine instead of dealing with […]



i gave in and started writing on my old xanga.  i’ll probably delete it soon though…part of me doesn’t want to because it’s older; i have stuff on there from ’05.  maybe when R gets out of the army i’ll delete it in a sort of catharsis….a symbolic act, if you will. this one army fiancee i […]