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I’ll try writing with proper capitalization today. Usually I’m a grammar Nazi but for some reason I kind of like writing all in lower-case letters, at least online. I guess it differentiates it from my paper-writing, which I detest. So we have 8 more days (I realize the countdown says 7…but when the countdown is […]

gotta love the rocky horror reference. ^ well the work finally came down upon me. my philosophy professor assigned a 4-6 page paper (due wednesday…i shall start it tomorrow), a presentation, and an 8-10 page paper. here’s the stupid part. the presentation is a group project…we have to split up smaller parts of a broader […]

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so i found out that i might be getting rob back even EARLIER than expected, which is, if one word can describe such things, AMAZING. this will be our first full summer we will have ever spent together.  summer 2003 he was in NC and i was at camp…we had august but that was about it.  […]

we found out the other day that rob is getting out *much* earlier than originally anticipated. as it is, i will be with him again in a little over 2 months. for good this time. 🙂 when he told me i literally ran around the room screaming, i was so excited. i’m in alaska right […]



still pretty down lately, running on auto-pilot, that’s for sure.  it didn’t help that rob and i got into this huge…well, re-understanding…last weekend.  but we’re on the same page now for the most part.  it’s interesting in a relationship when you get past the point where you think one argument will bring you down.  after […]

rob left today after 35 wonderful days with me.  for some reason this goodbye hit me a lot harder than usual; i think it’s because we had so much time, and we got a little preview of what life together will be like.  i hated having to say goodbye to that.  i think my mind […]



today rob and i celebrate 5 whole years together. today is what we call our “sketchiversary,” primarily because of its sketchy nature. on this day 5 years ago, i was dating rob’s best friend and had been for about 2 months. rob and i had turned into best friends over that period, and on the […]