so a close friend of mine, who i’ve never actually met in person (we’ve been friends for years through a military support site), has performed another act of insane stupidity.

a little background info.

she was planning to go to college several years ago but got scared and married a marine instead of dealing with college. he ended up being an asswipe (as many marines, and indeed military men in general, are) and she left him. divorced at age 20. since then she’s gone through a series of guys, all of whom seemed pretty amazing but inevitably turned out to be douches.

a little while ago she met a guy who was soon leaving for cuba. they got together shortly after he left, which was about 3-4 months ago or so. hadn’t even kissed or anything. so the entire relationship up to this point has been long distance. he came home two weeks or so and today they got married. MARRIED. they hardly know each other! and she’s going to iraq in several months!

i know she’ll expect me to at least feign happiness, but i refuse. i am done dealing with this. this is by far the most childish act i’ve ever seen in my life (except for another army wife i know who got married at 16 after knowing her husband for about 7 months and who is now pregnant, and whose husband also cheated on her) and, at the risk of sounding like a bitch, i’ve lost a lot of respect for her. i’m really disappointed…i thought she’d learned her lesson. i’ll probably lose her as a friend but at least i will have been honest.

finished my spanish paper, taking the rest of the night off.


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