i am sitting at my computer with a mug of swiss miss hot cocoa mixed with a little bit of peppermint schnapps (which is quite tastey, i will add), mystery science theater 3000 “the teenage strangler” going on behind me…i’m quite content. i didn’t get much done today…not enough to actually justify saying i got a lot done but enough that i feel at least a little bit productive.

i created a blog for a new project i am undergoing. basically, i will take one picture every day and post it on this blog with a short explanation as to its significance. the blog is found here and i encourage anyone who actually reads this to check it out and comment. so, basically just you, M. 🙂

R will be back in alaska within the next 10 days or so, which makes me so incredibly happy. i can’t believe this deployment is winding down; at the beginning i felt like it would never end, but we’re finally finishing up. one thing i’m endlessly thankful for is the fact that R and i have had none of the typical problems that many military couples have during a deployment. i attribute this mostly to the fact that my boy is absolutely amazing and strong whenever i’m not. but i think a lot of it is how we work together, and how we compliment each other. he really is like an extension of myself. i’ve said before how being with him is similar to being with myself…not in that he’s vacuous, but in that he just completely understands me and we flow together so insanely well. i tell you, this boy is my soulmate.

i was looking at classes for next semester. looks like i’ll be taking a russian culture class, a russian lit class, and a race theory class…plus i’ll also be meeting with my two major advisors (olga and donna) to write an honors thesis about anton chekhov. yeah, i didn’t want to do that but i got guilted into it. sigh. it’s only 25 pages though, and it’s in english, so i don’t think it’ll be too bad. still makes me pretty nervous though.

oh and tomorrow (well today, since it’s past midnight) is me and rob’s 4 year, 10 month anniversary.


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