so i just got back from PA a few days ago and i had an ABSOLUTE BLAST. it was so much fun. recap:

thursday morning at around 11 am i got there and we drove back to adrienne’s house. the day was pretty chill, we ate lunch with her daughter (14 months), did a little bit of shopping, ate dinner, watched CSI…overall a good day. but then that night gabriella screamed literally the entire night…i think she slept a total of 2 hours maybe. i got more sleep than adrienne did since she kept bringing gabriella back and forth…but we still woke up pretty sleepy.

on friday we decided to go see the bodies exhibit in the science museum. this exhibit consists of actual human bodies that are preserved super-well so you can see all the organs, muscles, etc. they had different rooms for different body systems, so some bodies had the organs of the digestive system exposed, some the circulatory system, and so on. the circulatory system was really crazy, the veins and arteries were intact and suspended in this fluid…they looked ridiculous intricate and i wish i could’ve taken pictures. the best part in my opinion was the fetal development part, where they showed fetuses from 4 weeks up to 28 weeks. they also showed the bodies of babies with spina bifida and cleft lip. it was amazing to see. haha in the nervous system part the air conditioning flipped on, and on one body this one nerve was flapping in the wind. pretty gross actually, haha. adrienne and i were acting like a couple of little girls because we kept laughing at the exposed penises on the bodies. ooh also they had a part showing what a smoker’s lungs looked like; they said that every pack a person smokes takes approximately 2 hours and 25 minutes off of a person’s life, and they had a container where you could throw your cigarettes away. very very fascinating, i highly recommend it.

friday night we also decided to get drunk, which we did, and it was wonderful. we drank cheap nickolai vodka with cranberry juice, and when we ran out of cranberry juice we went for the juicy juice punch which, with vodka, is quite delicious. anyway we got pretty drunk and called my friend ryan (i’m kind of trying to hook him and adrienne up…), who was also drunk. we also called adrienne’s ex which, if you knew the story (long and drawn-out) was not the best of plans. luckily he didn’t answer and i hung up as soon as i heard his voicemail. we also did some crazy myspace surveys, i should go back and save those actually because they were pretty hilarious. we went to bed at around 2 or 2:30…i threw up which sucked but i felt a lot better.

saturday morning brie woke us up at 7:30 and we kept begging her to go back to sleep haha. adrienne kept saying, “gabriella, nickolai was over last night.” haha. we took a nap at around 9:30 am and brie slept until 11 or so…we slept as well. 🙂 we decided to go over to adrienne’s grandparents’ house…they are super-sweet and made us lunch. they love brie (they watch her every monday when adrienne is in class) and they were chasing her all around. it was adorable. her grandfather gave us $50 so that was nice. we went out to eat for dinner and i managed to convince adrienne to go to an indian restaurant…she’d never eaten at one before and she loved it, as did gabriella actually. this is a step in my attempts to hook adrienne up with ryan because ryan LOVES indian food to a ridiculous extent. wink wink.

we also rented “blades of glory” on saturday night, it was pretty hilarious. we went to bed at 11:30 or so, then had to get up at 3:30 to head to the airport. i was so nervous, i hate air travel and i hate having to make connecting flights. but when i got there the woman said that a direct flight to o’hare had seats and she could move me. i was so happy because i didn’t have to connect and it would get me back to o’hare, and beloit, a lot sooner. so the flight went by fast because i fell asleep…my head kept flopping all around so i’m sure i was quite funny to watch. then i got into o’hare and just managed to catch the 7:30 bus back to beloit (if i hadn’t have caught it i would’ve had to wait until 8:30 or so).  it was a great trip…i’m so happy to have gone and so bummed to be back.


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