oh yes.


I’ll try writing with proper capitalization today. Usually I’m a grammar Nazi but for some reason I kind of like writing all in lower-case letters, at least online. I guess it differentiates it from my paper-writing, which I detest.

So we have 8 more days (I realize the countdown says 7…but when the countdown is 7 + a considerable amount of hours I just say 8. Then I can think that it’s actually less, haha). I hate that I’m not letting myself get too excited. I think once this weekend is over it’ll be better–I am going to (TRY TO) type the 8-10 page paper that is actually due the following Friday because I want to be relatively work-free when Robbie gets here. I’m having a meeting with my (very cute) professor on Friday to discuss the paper so I can start right out on Saturday morning.

Robbie is finishing up his out-processing, dutiful young man that he is. I’m amazed sometimes at how much more mature he is than a lot of people his age (army or no). He’s already saved a ton of money because he doesn’t go out a lot or buy frivolously (the boy has literally two pairs of pants and maybe 5 shirts). He’s already started trading on the stock market and has made a fair amount of money. He’s done all this out-processing with all possible speed, which isn’t that fast given the army’s hurry-up-and-wait mentality. I’m very, very proud of him. Tomorrow he gets to buy his ticket here, so cross your fingers that it goes smoothly! 🙂

I’ve been reading through military wife/girlfriend blogs lately and I noticed one where a woman talked about deleting the Iraq numbers from her cell phone. Rob has been back since November (Veterans’ Day, interestingly enough), and those numbers are still in my phone. I can’t get rid of them for some reason. They are all saved underneath his name (in various little categories) and sometimes when I scroll down to his name I hit the little right-arrow and scroll through the numbers. I don’t think I’ll delete them until I have to (i.e. if I get a new phone). It’s less sentimentality and more superstitiousness. I became absurdly superstitious when Rob was overseas, and though I’ve let go of it to a certain extent, it’s certainly still there.

I just noticed that I used parentheses a lot.

Anyway on the school front things are going relatively well. I’m losing some friends here because their priorities are changing, either boys are becoming more important or new jobs/apartments are. C’est la vie. It saddens me a bit but I suppose it’s one of those things that happens when college comes to an end. In happy news, I got Phi Beta Kappa, which is insanely exciting. I’m not sure if that is in an older post or not. Anyway I’m happy, even though membership cost $65 and if I want one of the keys I have to buy them. It looks good on the resume and, should I ever choose to go to grad school, on an application. I won’t get departmental honors for Russian because I didn’t do an Honors Project–after seeing friends that did do one, or two, I’m quite pleased that I didn’t–but I don’t think it really matters. I’m getting my degree, and I am officially an adult.

The B.C. Orchestra had our concert yesterday evening which went decently well. We all started the concert off pretty angry, since our conductor (who was trained in a Russian conservatory…that should say a lot as to his teaching methods) kept us on a “sound check” for an hour and a half. We didn’t stop doing this “sound check” until 3:58, when our concert started at 4. And he yelled at us that whole time. He blamed me for mistakes that the oboe player sitting next to me was making. I’m so glad to be done with him–he’s an amazing musician/teacher but damn is he a Russian musician.


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