oh, woe is me…my life is a mystery


gotta love the rocky horror reference. ^

well the work finally came down upon me. my philosophy professor assigned a 4-6 page paper (due wednesday…i shall start it tomorrow), a presentation, and an 8-10 page paper. here’s the stupid part. the presentation is a group project…we have to split up smaller parts of a broader topic and each present 5-7 minutes, then write the 8-10 page paper about what we talked about for 5-7 minutes (albeit with more research). how the hell is that even possible, heath massey?! seriously lame assignment.

but at least it’s only 16 days until robbie is out of the army and in my arms. i would be able to get excited if i didn’t have all this crap hanging over my head for the next two weeks. i’ll be so happy once this semester is over with. these next few weeks are going to be slow-going and yet extremely hectic.

rob and i found this apartment back home (online of course) that sounds gorgeous. key word “sounds.” we haven’t seen it yet. i emailed the person asking for pictures if possible and mentioned that we’d be interested in coming to see it in may, once we’re back. it’d be so much better (though a bit more expensive) than living in one of the little complexes so i’m really hoping it actually IS nice and doesn’t just SOUND nice. i know i shouldn’t get my hopes up but let’s face it, it’s kind of unavoidable.

ooh i also have a job interview coming up tomorrow. it’s for a job back in maine and it would be super close to where we plan on living, so i’m hoping it works out. i’m also hoping it works out money-wise. rob’s education will be by and large paid for so we’ll have some veteran’s benefits but i know that bills will continue to pile up. send good thoughts to the job gods for me. 🙂

anyway i suppose i best leave this, excited and anxious for what is shortly to come.


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