reflections from a soon-to-be former army girlfriend.


we found out the other day that rob is getting out *much* earlier than originally anticipated. as it is, i will be with him again in a little over 2 months. for good this time. 🙂 when he told me i literally ran around the room screaming, i was so excited.

i’m in alaska right now which means that this coming sunday, when i leave, will be my final army goodbye. i can’t believe he won’t be in the army anymore–i’ve gotten so used to this type of lifestyle, with the uncertainties, the confusion, the hoping, the disappointment, the living from one leave to another. i have no doubt that this has been an integral part of our development as a couple and as hard as it was, i am extremely happy to have gone through it. i have learned so much about myself as a person and as a significant other. and i’ve learned about him as well. we’ve gone through some of the hardest things that people our age in the united states could go through. obviously not THE hardest, but damn, they were pretty difficult.

it’s just bizarre to think that all of a sudden we will become a normal couple. we’ll fight about normal things, laugh about normal things, and get to hold each other every night. i’m so excited.

i was worried before i came here–lately on the phone much has been lost in communication and it was getting exceedingly frustrating. but as soon as i got here things were the exact same, as though he had never left at all, and i knew for sure that we both need each other in sort of mutually dependent way and that will never change.

i’m in this for the long haul and i love this boy more than anything. pardon the sentiment, please.


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