today rob and i celebrate 5 whole years together. today is what we call our “sketchiversary,” primarily because of its sketchy nature. on this day 5 years ago, i was dating rob’s best friend and had been for about 2 months. rob and i had turned into best friends over that period, and on the 28th we finally admitted to each other that we were in love. i broke up with my boyfriend and rob and i got together. i told him i loved him the first day we were together, and meant it. we’ve been going strong ever since.

i just can’t believe it’s been 5 years. when you’re young a period like 5 years seems like the longest time in the world; it’s damn near half your life. i was a much younger person when rob and i got together, and since then we’ve gone through so many things together…and we have passed each test with flying colors. we’ve had our moments of weakness and frustration (who doesn’t?) but in general…we are amazing.

lately i keep saying to him, “hey, do you realize how freaking perfect we are together?” and he’ll usually say, “i know!” it’s amazing to me the things that we don’t have to deal with when it comes to each other, the problems that are non-existent (not that i don’t make up problems in my head lol) that are existent in so many other couples i’ve seen. rob makes me so extremely happy, i’ve never been happier to tell the truth. i can’t wait to start our life together.

sigh, so happy five-year anniversary robbie james. you are my everything, and i love you.


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