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today rob and i celebrate 5 whole years together. today is what we call our “sketchiversary,” primarily because of its sketchy nature. on this day 5 years ago, i was dating rob’s best friend and had been for about 2 months. rob and i had turned into best friends over that period, and on the […]


i’m in new york, i’m with my boy for a whole 35 days, life couldn’t be sweeter 🙂 i hope you all have a wonderful christmas, a happy new year, happy hanukkah even though it’s passed, happy kwanzaa, etc. etc.  🙂

i’ve started a blog entry several times but have given up because it sounded lame. my life is boring. rob sent me his college essay yesterday and it is quite simply some of the best writing i have ever read. i realize that i may be biased. but honestly, it’s amazing. he wrote it in […]

i just watched a special on putin’s russia called “czar putin.” very interesting but really quite frightening. he has these camps for “putin youth” where teenagers swim, sail, etc. and also get “a good dose of political indoctrination.” they showed all these young people with red flags all chanting things about putin. anyway it was […]