no one ever said it would be so hard.


well rob is at work right now and i am sitting in the hotel room by myself, pretty sad because i am set to leave in about 5 hours or so.  but i’m trying to be strong…as you can see from the ticker above i have less than a month until i see him again, which, if you are in a military relationship, you can recognize as a relatively small bit of time.

but i’m not looking forward to sitting on a plane from anchorage to las vegas for 5 hours, or landing in chicago at 5:30 am and then getting back in time to sit through classes.  i don’t want to say goodbye to my boy, a word that has been said much too often between us in the past 3 1/2 years.  being with him has been amazing; it is as if i never said goodbye, as if we have been together this entire time.

but as usual, our visit must come to a close.  i am trying to hold myself together but it’s hard when all i want is to wrap my arms around him and never let go.  today we were in the shower and i said, “if we go to heaven i hope it’s this, just one long eternal shower together…or just lying in bed.”  he said he preferred the idea of lying in bed for eternity.


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