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well rob is at work right now and i am sitting in the hotel room by myself, pretty sad because i am set to leave in about 5 hours or so.  but i’m trying to be strong…as you can see from the ticker above i have less than a month until i see him again, […]

bad news bears.


it’s already starting…rob has been back in alaska for not even a week yet and already i’m getting all psychotic. he was going out to eat last night and said that he might be an hour late in calling (usually he calls at 7 pm his time–10 pm my time–because that’s when his free cell time starts) and i got […]

and other crap.


so my boy leaves the middle east very soon, and i couldn’t be happier. except maybe if i knew i was going to see him as soon as he got back to the base. but just having him in the states will be good…no more worrying to the same extent, no more checking out […]