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i am exhausted.  emotionally, physically, mentally.  i have a lot of work this semester and though it’s great to keep busy…i just feel so worn down.  i’m irritable and miserable.  i’m in a sort of “funk” i guess, for lack of a better word.  this deployment is ending slowly, as is my senior year, and i […]

still working on this whole “complete isolation” from the army wives.  it’s quite nice really.  a lot less stress for me. R finally called after almost 6 days of no word.  again, i should be used to it…but the end of this deployment is just coming very slowly and i’m finding myself emotionally exhausted most […]



so one of the army wives who i’m hiding from discovered my absence.  actually it was the pregnant one from two posts down.   i didn’t think she read my stuff that often but there it is, she knows.  she asked one of my friends (an army girlfriend) where i was, haha.  hopefully she won’t discover my […]

i deleted my xanga.  i deleted my myspace and made another one to which i will only add people who i truly want to add. this movement was largely in response to the lame army wives i talk to.  only one of them, who i don’t really count as an “army wife” in the idiotic sense […]