rucking fidiculous.


the army wife that i’ve talked about on here is now PREGNANT. yes, folks, an 18 year old pregnant girl.  not only is she only 18, her and her hubbykins have only been together for about 2 years, both of which have been during his army hitch.  so essentially, they’ve never lived together but somehow planned (yes, it was planned) to get pregnant together.

i wish i could tell her that this basically means she’ll probably never see the end of the army again.  the guy bought her a car while on midtour leave, and with 2 car payments and a kid…textbook example of how the army fucking TRAPS YOU.  as soon as his enlistment is almost up, they’ll start telling him, “you could never support your family with any other job.  here, take this nice reenlistment bonus and stay here for another four years.”  she wouldn’t believe me if i told her anyway and i shouldn’t rain on her parade.  i mean i can’t wait until i’m pregnant, but jesus christ…i want to wait a few years so i can see what living with R is like.  imagine never spending any time together before you live together, and then once you finally get to be together, having to share it all with a baby.

another thing that annoys me about the whole thing is the fact that after i left her a comment saying something to the effect of, “i figured it had to happen to one of the three of us.” (the three of us being me and the two other girls i talk to who have significant others in R’s unit) and her reply was, “well i guess it’s good that it happened to the married one!”

um, that was bitchy in SO MANY different ways.  firstly, it makes it sound like her relationship is somehow more “mature” or meaningful because she’s got the wedding ring.  guess what honey, true love can wait…immature love gets married for the sake of being married. just as it has a child for the sake of having children.  secondly, it seemed like a comment about how unmarried people shouldn’t have children.  it’s not 1956 honey.

what i wanted to say was something referring to the fact that her husband has not been all that amazing to her and he’s really shitty with money (given the two cars).  i would never sink that low to outrightly offend someone, i would just sit here and write an angry blog that only 1, maybe 2 people would read.  i’m a passive aggressive bitch i guess, but i assure you that this does far less damage to the poor girl’s psyche than telling her right out how i’m sure her husband is a douche to her.

i just wish i could express to her that living together is vastly different from talking every couple of days on the phone.  eventually it’s not going to be so special anymore…the novelty of having each other around will wear off.  you need to acknowledge that eventually he’s going to want to go back out with his friends.  he spent 2+ years with them already, so you can’t really expect him to just give up on them.  and forget about school…you’ll be stuck at home with a baby while your husband works, or goes and parties with his friend.  and you’re still a child yourself.

i just feel bad for this girl.  and i’m sure at least part of my annoyance comes from jealousy…R and i deserve to be married by now.   we aren’t, because as i said, true love can wait, and true love accepts that a legal marriage is not the only manifestation of love.  immature love rushes because it feels that it cannot wait, and the dresses and cakes are just too pretty to pass up.  not to mention the money (which, i’m sure, is why he asked her to marry him after only 5 months together). 

i know i sound petty and stupid.  i’m trying not to dwell.  it’s just so frustrating how these girls build elaborate traps for themselves and then when it all goes to shit refuse to see how anyone could ever have seen it coming.


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