try to make me go to rehab


the tattoo is insanely itchy.  not a fan of that part of the healing process.

i’m back at school, which is definitely a good thing.  i’m working from 8-4:30, copying and doing other random filing crap.  it’s mind-numbing, which is pretty much what i need right now to get me through to the end of this deployment (which is approaching).

this one army wife i talk to keeps reading my xanga page without commenting, i assume because she thinks that one day i could post info about R’s unit (her fiance is in the same company).  her and i didn’t really see eye to eye on some things…when my boy was injured back in november and i was a freakin’ wreck, i was talking to her about it and mentioned that he’d probably go back out the PB on christmas eve.  her response to that was, “oh, that’s good for me though because [fiance’s name] will be back on christmas and we can talk.” (R was on a different cycle, so when he went out, this guy’s platoon came back to the FOB) my jaw literally dropped open.  i couldn’t (and can’t) believe that anyone would be so blatantly insensitive.  and with this girl, i don’t think it was necessarily deliberate…i just think she said it without thinking.  but seriously, who says that?  especially after an injury?

most army wives seem to do a lot of things without thinking.  like living. 

sigh, a bitter evening.  R just called, i got a little insecure on the phone with him but i’m okay.  i just miss him.  i want to hold him and never let go.  we’re planning his leave, which just might coincide with my winter break.  i want him to visit me in NY with my sister before going back to maine, but we’ll see how that works out.  i’d love to see him there because we’d get all our time together.  for christmas i assume i’ll go to my house, and then spend the rest of his/my vacation at his house with his family. 

his stepmother is infuriating, and i hope she’ll let us sleep together.  before we were allowed to but that was because he was on leave from iraq.  since they’ve let us once though, i don’t really plan on asking.  we will just have spent a year worrying constantly, i think we’ve earned a little cuddle time.  plus even after that time together, we’ll have to be apart for another few months at least. 

well i guess i should go settle in with “harry potter and the deathly hallows,” which i’m reading for the 3rd consecutive time…


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