i haven’t written in awhile, and to my 2 readers, i apologize for that.  

i got a new tattoo yesterday.  it hurt so horribly bad…got it on the lower back.  i was worried about the whole “tramp stamp” thing, but in the end i decided two things: (1) my tattoo is classy enough to avoid the “tramp stamp” name, and (2) that whole “tramp stamp” thing is pretty stupid, because my tattoo looks SEXY.  you have to write sexy in capital letters.

i’m still having problems with my extreme emotions regarding army wives.  i was talking to one the other day and my eyes did this thing that they usually only do when i’m fighting with my sister…when i get really angry my eyes will cross really quickly and my sight is blurred.  this one army wife, her husband gets to come home for 18 days instead of the typical 15 (which is all that R got).  she told me that she “felt bad” because the other army girls she talks to (me and these 2 others) only got the 15 days.  i know she didn’t mean that.  deep down, she didn’t.  i just can’t handle talking to them sometimes, and i think i need to slowly start cutting myself off completely.

i’m here in new york visiting with my sister and her boyfriend, which has been fun.  megan and i have gotten along a lot better once we both went off to college…we’re actually a lot alike.  my mom was also here which went alright, i think…there’s still a lot of issues i have with her that i can’t really put into words, but i’m sure that’ll come someday.

R is gone for a few days.  i think he might be back soon, but what do i know?  i hope he is thinking about me, as much as i’m thinking about him.  i miss that boy so much…he’s wonderful.  but i’m doing alright, i think.

i love you.


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  1. 1 Your reader :)

    sorry, i had to comment. i think a tramp stamp is more when there’s a heart, your triple ex boyfriends name, and curly shit all over the tattoo.

    stop talking to the “haHA my hubby” girl. you wont gain any wisdom from associating with her. nothing good comes from georgia.:-p

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