deep breath…


i opened my email today and saw a notice saying that one of R’s friends in iraq (this guy used to be his roommate in alaska, but he moved to a different company before they deployed), is being charged with premeditated murder and obstruction of justice along with another soldier.  look up the details elsewhere, i wouldn’t want anyone to get in trouble because of my blog, haha.

for some reason this is really bothering me.  i guess it’s because i know this guy…granted not well, but i’ve still heard a lot about him from my boy.  i think another reason is that i desperately want to hear R’s opinion of it and i can’t, because we won’t talk for the next few days.  i want to know what he has to say.  i can imagine different things, such as “civilians just don’t understand warfare,” etc.  i’m hoping we don’t differ too much on it because i really don’t want to argue with him.  i know what happened was wrong, and i can’t imagine that R won’t think it was wrong, too.  but i must claim naivite here…i don’t know what warfare/combat etc. is like.  but from what i can understand, if the allegations are true, this was not “warfare” but simply murder.  i hope he agrees with me. 

i’m very glad he wasn’t involved.  i know in stressful combat situations it’d be difficult to separate yourself from something that you knew was wrong.  but i know R would always do the right thing; he loves me–and the life we’re planning together–too much to jeopardize it like that.  plus he has a lot of respect for himself and for the job he signed up to do.    with all the press that this is getting, i’ll be very surprised if the guys are found guilty and don’t get an extended sentence (the worst they could get is 25-life i think).

i’m all for the press and for exposing the truth, and i’m very glad that the army isn’t covering this up like it has in the past (in vietnam, etc.).  but in this case i think the civilian press will make this a lot worse for our soldiers than it already is.   these men, assuming they are guilty (and, as we all know, they are innocent until proven guilty), should definitely be punished.  but i think the manner in which the press is covering it will only unnecessarily punish other soldiers in iraq.  one of R’s friends in iraq said to me today, “all they [the accused] did was to negate everything good we’ve done.”  and the press will only exacerbate that.

again, i’m a complete advocate of knowing the truth…but i’m just not sure this was handled in the best way.  i’m not sure what the “best” way would have been, though.  i really want to talk to my boy about this, but i really don’t want to argue.

and it’s still really bothering me…i can’t get it out of my head.


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