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i haven’t written in awhile, and to my 2 readers, i apologize for that.   i got a new tattoo yesterday.  it hurt so horribly bad…got it on the lower back.  i was worried about the whole “tramp stamp” thing, but in the end i decided two things: (1) my tattoo is classy enough to avoid […]

oh lord.


so here’s my problem.  i hate when i talk to girls (it seems to be army wives/girlfriends most often) who think their life is sunshine and roses, but in reality their boy is an awful, dirty liar.  usually i just guess this based on behavior that i’ve seen before with other friends who’ve had their […]



…i think it would be easier to cut myself off from everyone i’ve ever met online.  delete everything, start over.  but i can’t do that.  gotta keep up the appearance of being happy for now, i guess.  i’m not good at “cutting” people off anyway, and it’d be way too much work. it’s mostly that […]

turns out R got to stay on the FOB for a few extra days.  he’ll go out again soon, but i’ve really enjoyed getting to talk to him. over the fourth of july i hung out in eastport with my cousin, john.  i didn’t know him very well when we were kids (he’s 12 years […]

oh, darling.


so my boy called a day or so ahead of schedule.  unfortunately that means he’s going out again very soon, for longer than before.  siiigh.  i will be very happy when this deployment is finished, and when he is out of the army for good. i started saving some more of his old emails (from […]

deep breath…


i opened my email today and saw a notice saying that one of R’s friends in iraq (this guy used to be his roommate in alaska, but he moved to a different company before they deployed), is being charged with premeditated murder and obstruction of justice along with another soldier.  look up the details elsewhere, […]