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firstly, and most importantly, i would like to wish a happy 4 1/2 year anniversary to me and the love of my life.  darling, i love you so much, and i promise to love you for the rest of our life together.  come home safely to my arms. R goes out soon.  i was hoping […]



i’ve decided to just refer to my boy by his first initial.  this is partially because i’m scared of the army wives finding this blog and bringing my down with their fiery breath or something.  so darling, that’s why you’re just “R” here 🙂 so i was trying to go to bed early when i […]

R read my blog and said he preferred it to my xanga, because i can actually write what i think instead of sugar-coating everything in fear of pissing off the army ladies. because i promise, they get upset at the tiniest things. one of the things that i hate about myself, which is exacerbated by […]

more boredom


i literally slept all day today. like, all day. i mean it. it’s insane. many people can’t sleep when they’re depressed, but i on the other hand, sleep like a freakin’ rock when i’m sad. it’s a lot easier than hurting, i find. my cousin left yesterday to go back to alaska. her husband is […]

a blog for me.


i really don’t ever want to consider myself a “blogger.” really i hate that word in any serious context. i’ve blogged usually just to keep a diary going, to read back on the things that i do, etc. typically i use xanga because i’ve made a lot of military girlfriend/wife friends on that one. but […]

Hello world!


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